Distress signals to survive

Distress signals to survive

Rescue is the second priority in a survival situation. To be rescued, you will need to post distress signals.

To make any kind of distress signal on the mountain, you will have to find a clearing, so that the signal is perfectly visible from the air.

You should know that any three objects placed in an atypical way, do the internationally known function of warning that someone is in danger and needs help.

Here are three types of distress signals that could be very helpful in getting out of any extreme survival situation alive.

· Signal with leaves. To make it, you will need stones, sticks (the longer the better) and leaves, which the larger they are, the more visible from the air.

What you should do is tie the leaf to the stick and place it vertically on the ground using the stones. The wind will move the leaves and they will be more visible from the air.

· SOS signal. This sign, used since the early twentieth century, it means “save our souls”. What you have to do is, using stones, form one s, one o and another s, several meters apart and occupying as much space as possible. Now, you just have to wait for someone to come by and see it.

· Signal with fire. The last signal is to make three large bonfires that form an equilateral triangle. If you do this sign during the day, what you have to do is place a lot of leaves and very green grass, so that they make a lot of smoke. If, on the other hand, you do it at night, you must place dry and large branches so that they make more light and be visible.




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