Survival priorities

Survival priorities

Do you know the survival priorities? Remember the rule of three: the human body can survive, approximately, a maximum of three minutes without breathing, three hours in very extreme conditions (cold and polar winds without shelter or excessive heat without shade, for example), three days without water (even less, in sunny places) and three weeks without food.

· Protection: With the rule of three in mind, the top priority in a survival situation should be to protect yourself. Protect yourself from rain, wind, animals or the sun and high temperatures.

· Rescue: after you have the protection under control, you must do everything possible to get out alive. Therefore, you will need to post distress signals.

· Water: the next priority is to find a reliable source of fresh water. There are many ways to obtain it. If the water you have is dirty, you should purify it before drinking it, to avoid infections.

· Food: finally, there is the food. The calories in food are always necessary, but they should never be your priority. So when you already have protection, rescue and water covers, you can think about finding food.




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