Survival kit

Survival kit

The elements of a good survival kit are:

· Knife. This is, from my point of view, the most important element in any survival situation. One of them will help you to do many things, such as cutting and sharpening sticks to light a fire, chopping meat or fish or even making distress signals with sunlight.

· Flint or magnifying glass. Flint is very useful, but it wears down with use, so you will have to carry a large, sturdy one in your backpack. The magnifying glass has the advantage that if you don’t hit it, it won’t break and you can use it on any sunny day.

· Compass. Orientation is always essential to get out of any survival situation, so it is necessary to always carry a compass in your expedition backpack.

· Canteen. Water transport is essential in any survival situation. You may find yourself in a place where there is only water in one area and, to survive, you need to move and go somewhere else. For this you will need to transport the water with you. The bigger your canteen, the more water you can carry, but the more your backpack will weigh you down.

· Water purification filter. If you have water, but you have no way to purify it, you will need this element that will do the job of cleaning the water for you.

· Whistle. A whistle takes up little space and will be very useful if you find yourself in a situation where you see a person who can save your life, but you have no voice to shout.

· Ropes. Ropes are a very important element in survival, so you will have to carry enough in your backpack. They will be used to build shelters, make bows…




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