Where to build survival shelters

Where to build survival shelters

Before starting to build survival shelters, we must take a good look at the area and choose the best option for camping. It is very important that, if you have gotten lost in the mountains and need to build a shelter to protect yourself, you apply the six tips that I tell you below, since, otherwise, your situation could worsen considerably.

· Tip number one: find a place with a good supply of firewood and water. For example, find an area with downed trees nearby. As for the water, try camping near a river or lake to keep it under control, but be careful as it can have drawbacks.

· Second tip: be careful when building a shelter near a river, because if you do it too close, the river flow can rise and destroy your shelter. In addition, heavy rainfall can cause flooding that could be very dangerous.

Find a balance between being very close to the water and being super remote.

· Third tip: choose a flat area protected from the wind where there are no natural hazards, such as rockslide or trees with dead branches that could fall in the next storm.

· Fourth tip: stay away from lonely trees, because they attract rays, but in a forest, stay on the edges, where you can see what is happening around you.

· Tip number five: avoid the trails of dangerous animals, which could attack you or give you a hard time. You will detect them by footprints or excrement.

· Sixth tip: stay close to any traces of people and thus have a better chance of being rescued.




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