· Turn off the exterior headlight at night.


· If you want to keep the rear light on, keep the button pressed. Press it again when finished to leave it in presence mode.


· Go down to the swimming pool at lunchtime and in the late afternoon.


· If you want to use the griddle for cooking, install it on the back, placing the tile on the sink and the griddle on it. Use the plug of the bathroon. Close the attic window to prevent the entry of odors.


· Go hiking in the same farm. Go up to the Talaia by the path that goes out to the left of the road before reaching the big house. It is a circular route of approximately one hour indicated with stone milestones.


Once at the top (Muslim tower), take the path that goes down to the left of the geodesic point and at the first fork, turn left. You pass in front of a shepherd’s refuge in perfect condition. Once down, you can go back up the road and go up the asphalt path.


Other nearby getaways:


– Onda’s old town and castle.


– Sitjar’s damming.


– Fanzara’s Unfinished Open Air Museum.


– Villafamés and each Museum of Contemporary Art.


– Montanejos.




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