Fire elements

Fire elements

The three elements that you will need to make a fire and keep it burning in any survival situation, be it in the snow or in the jungle, in the desert or on a tropical island, are: tinder, splinters and combustible.

· Tinder. Item number 1 is tinder. The tinder is used to light the fire. Since it is intended to ignite at the slightest spark, it should be a thin, fluffy material, such as pine needles, dry brush, or even an abandoned bird’s nest.

· Splinters. Splinter should be twigs small enough to ignite easily and effectively. The size of the splinters should increase as the fire gets bigger and bigger, until it becomes fuel as the main source.

· Combustible. The last element of fire and the one that occupies the most is combustible. Combustible has “an obligation” to keep burning long enough and slow enough so that it lasts long and generates plenty of heat.

In both tinder, splinters and cambustible, you should look for the wood on the ground, as it will be drier and will ignite significantly better.




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